Can you shoot slugs through a remington 870

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Can you shoot slugs through a remington 870

Shotgun Chokes Explained (Cylinder, Improved Cylinder, Modified, Full)

Yes you can, I own a Remington wingmaster with a 27" smoothbore barrel and it shoots rifled 1oz slugs all day, and fairly accurately. The only thing you cannot shoot through it is sabbot slugs but the nice thing about having a gun like yours is that you can go from slugs to 00 buck shot to bird shot without changing barrels.

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Good luck and happy shooting. Any non rifled slug.

can you shoot slugs through a remington 870

However for best perfomance you want a "saboted" slug. Not sure what you are asking. Are you asking if you can shoot a rifled slug through a smooth barrel.

Remington 870, are sabot slugs through a rifled barrel worth the price??

Unless your barrel has been fitted with a poly-choke adjustable by turning there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to shoot rifled slugs in your Model 10 Remington shotgun.

Don't expect to see tack-driving accuracy with so-called rifled slugs though. Start out shooting at paper plates from 50 yards as you'll need to find out where to hold the front bead in relation to the target paper plate. You CAN shoot lead bird shot in a rifled barrel but it will not give you good or consistant patterns.

Vent rib for smooth bore shotgun barrel, rifled barrel has sights to shoot like a rifle. Yes: A Remington shotgun with a modified choke will shoot any commercial shotgun slug.

Depends on the ammunition. Rifled 12 gauge slugs are accurate to about yards. You can shoot a rifled slug out of a smooth bored barrels only. You want to have an improved or modified choke on when shooting a rifled slug. It helps the rotaion and accuracy of the slug. Never use a rifled slug in a rilfed barrel. You could destroy your gun if the rilfing in the gun and slug do not match. This is not a gamlbe I am willing to take with any of my guns. Shooting rifled slugs is the ONLY way to shoot thru a smoothbore for deer.

If you shoot sabot slugs thru a smoothbore, it will not spin and therefore not be accurate. For accuracy, the slug must spin out of the barrel. Either shoot a rifled slug thru a smooth barrel, or shoot a saboted slug thru a rifled barrel. Yes, rifled slugs will not damage a rifled barrel.

Rifled slugs were originally designed so that they would shoot through any size choke and cause damage to the barrel.

A rifled cannon can shoot approximatly yards. The rifled cannon is a great weapon. I advise you to use it if you have one in a space between and yards. Best to get it checked by a competent gunsmith before firing.Welcome to Field and Streams's Answers section.

What choke should you use when shooting slugs?

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And don't forget to check out the latest reviews on guns and outdoor gear on fieldandstream. Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Top Ad. Can you shoot slugs threw a smooth bore shotgun barrel?

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I want the Remington but was wondering if i should get the combo wit. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next. I want the Remington but was wondering if i should get the combo witPM. I want the Remington but was wondering if i should get the combo with the smooth bore and the rifled barrel or just one with a smooth bore barrel and save myself dollars.

Tags: None. You can shoot slugs with the cylinder choke.The two most common Remington barrels are either the rifled barrel or the smoothbore. These are the kind of barrels you would use if you are aiming to kill someone or something on a longer distance.

Perhaps you want to looking to kill a big predator in the woods. These barrels help you have more stability and accuracy with your shots in order to do this kind of damage. If you are looking for a long range shotgun then rifled barrels would be your best option as well. As for smoothbore barrels, these are more suitable for rifled slugs, birdshot and buckshot.

In other words, if you are looking to hunt small ducks or birds hen you would be better off using smoothbore. The neat thing about newer shotguns is they have interchangeable barrels. If you wanted to use your shotgun for different purposes then you could switch back and forth between the smoothbore, rifled, long or short barrel.

This is very convenient for those who just want to own one shotgun to use for both home protection and hunting ducks for sport. Now if you have an older shotgun that only has smoothbore, for example, then you can still shoot slugs out of it. That is why the ammunition you use in your shotgun is just as important to figure out as the barrel itself. However, if you are purchasing your first shotgun then chances are it is a new shotgun that allows you to change the barrels.

If you buy them new from a gun dealer then they will recommend the best ammunition to use also. View Results. One of the popular questions I receive is about Remington barrels.

Many readers ask what is the best Remington barrel and why. First of all, there are different barrels for different purposes. Long vented rib barrel is good for hunting, clays, trap shooting but not suitable for home defense.

The longer the barrel the more difficult it is to manouevre in close quarters. Barrels with chokes are also good for competition, hunting and trap.

Some shotgun owners use Tactical chokes which enable them to use Remington as breaching shotgun. There are barrels of different length available for Remington They are interchangeable execpt for the Tactical model More info: Remington Tactical barrels. It is short, simple and inexpensive. This short barrel enables you to easily manouevre around the house.

can you shoot slugs through a remington 870

It is possible to change the factory bead with light gathering or Tritium one. You can get this barrel on Brownells. This barrel is universal tool which is good for almost any purpose.

Of course, longer barrel will be better for hunting and ghost ring sights will be better for home defense. It is good choice for beginners or for people that want to have only one shotgun for home defense and for week end clay shooting.The choke in a shotgun is designed to shape how the shot spreads after you pull the trigger.

That way you can gain more accuracy with your shots as well as better range. The choke is placed in the bore of the shotgun barrel, which is at the muzzle end.

There are a two ways a choke gets installed into a shotgun. The screw-in chokes, which are easily replaceable and there are also fixed chokes that integrated into the shotgun barrel so that it is a part of the bore without being replaceable.

So which ones are the best to use? Both are acceptable. You have to understand that a lot of science and mathematics are involved in creating the perfect choke for a shotgun. There are so many factors that go into making good chokes such as the length of the shotgun barrel, the material of the choke, the geometry of the choke, and the finish of the choke. The four main chokes include cylinder, improved cylinder, modified, and full. The cylinder-type choke is basically another way of saying open choke, which allows your shots to spread more openly at a greater diameter.

Full chokes are desirable amongst those who like long distance shooting. But if you are only concerned about up close shooting then the cylinder choke will be fine. Some people like to be closer to their target when they destroy it. With a shotgun, you will definitely destroy your target completely at close range. You can use a full choke at close range as well, but you have to be more precise with your aim. The choke you end up choosing depends on the specific needs you have for your shotgun.

On the other hand, if you are only using a shotgun for self defense purposes then an open choke will be fine. Many shooters are puzzled with Remington shotgun chokes. Some of the shotguns has fixed chokes, some of them can be equipped with a choke. The exit end of the choke is smaller by some dimension than the actual bore of the barrel. Chokes tighten the pattern and enable you to shoot on further distances which is useful for trap or hunting. It is recommended to use Cylinder or Imroved Cylinder for home defense.

Shotgun chokes used for slugs are usually Cylinder or Imroved Cylinder too. Remember that all chokes are different. You cannot install Remington choke on Mossberg shotgun or Ruger choke on Browning shotgun.

Remember, choke is located on the end of the barrel, so if you had a Modified choke, for example, and cut the barrel, you have the Cylinder choke now because choke was cut out.

The purpose is to decrease the spread of the shot in order to gain better range and accuracy. Shotgun choke patterns are different and you need to test them. Always check choke tubes before shooting!

Loose choke may lead to damage or injury. It was loose and he simply blown it out! A shotgun choke is found inside the bore of a shotgun barrel.I bought a Remington shotgun from walmart a few months left and i was wondering if you can shoot buckshot and slugs through it? I haven't changed the choke on it, I have whatever standard stock choke they come with.

The box didn't have the manual in it so i wanted to be sure before i shot it. You can shoot pretty much anything through that choke.

I highly recommend you pick up some Magnum Slugs so you can get used to the recoil. After 25 of them, you will develop a new understanding of the joys of shooting the gauge. UH, IDK, what barrel was on the shotgun? You can ONLY shoot sabot aka brennekke slugs from a "deer" or rifled barrel. If it is a regular smooth bore shotgun barrel that is NOT an extra full choke Turkey gun, you CAN shoot "Rifled" or Foster slugs from ir and any buck shot or other shot loads through it.

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IF you got one with choke tubes, you neex to read the manual for what youy can and can not shoot through each tube. Doesn't matter what choke you have unless it is a turkey choke you can fire any shell of the proper gauge through it. The choke may not exactly match what you are shooting and the pattern or accuracy may not be good.

At any rate, you will not hurt the gun. Yes, any modern shotgun can shoot bird, buck, or slug, as long as the shells dimensions are correct, so if you find generic 00, its good to go.

Did you really have to ask twice? I certainly hope it was an accident. Please delete this question and refer to your original question, since copies of the same question push good questions further down the list and can prevent them from getting good answers. Trending News.

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Trump support sinks in Wis. Lawrence should embrace challenge of lousy Jets. Ex-star: I'd average ' yards a game' in today's NFL. Video shows Ryan telling Gurley, 'Don't score'. Former U. Series drama: Turner investigated for protocol breach.

Kushner's April boasts on virus haven't aged well. The election twist: Racial gap is shrinking. Answer Save. Lime Green Medic Lv 7. Favorite Answer. Be sure to follow up with 25 rounds of Magnum pellet buckshot as well. Just for fun.I have a question about shooting slugs. I have a Remington gauge pump shotgun, with a screw-in choke and a inch barrel, and I use it primarily for turkey hunting. I was wondering: Is it possible to shoot slugs through this barrel when the choke is removed?

And if so, would it damage the threads for the choke? You should not shoot slugs—or any other shot—through your barrel without a choke in place, since there is a very real possibility that you will damage the threading.

The conventional wisdom has long been that these slugs perform best with an Improved Cylinder choke. If your accuracy with this choke is acceptable, stick with it. How solunar tables can help you catch more and bigger fish. What hatcheries are teaching us about brook, brown and rainbow trout. Chronic wasting disease has arrived in Canada. Here are some options. Modern arrows are more lethal than ever.

Winter reads: 9 great new books for anglers and hunters. More great new adventure gear for the season and beyond! Why Canadian anglers and hunters owe Phil Morlock a debt of gratitude. AFGA marks 31 years of protecting Alberta grassland species and habitat. Opinion: Western anglers and hunters must fight to protect habitat.

Blue Fish Radio: Why scientists love data from fishing apps. Exclusive video: How to catch the biggest northern pike. Enter to Win 1 of 2 Browning Firearms. Reading What choke should you use when shooting slugs? Share Tweet. Firearms Hunting. What choke should you use when shooting slugs?

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Remington 870 Barrels

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can you shoot slugs through a remington 870

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